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Santa Lucía, located at the north region of Camaguey province, is one of the largest coral beaches of Cuba. The diving area offers 35 sites for the development of this activity. Besides, its bottoms offer the attractiveness of ships sunken in the 19th Century. As a unique characteristic of this scenario, there are the so called bull sharks which inhabit the mouth of Nuevitas’ Bay, a few kilometers away.

With a half desolated, natural, paradisiacal and wild environment, Santa Lucía counts with more than 20 kilometers of sandy beach of coralline origin. Santa Lucia beaches have an average width of the sun sand strip of 15 meters.

Its waters are very quiet, ideal for the nautical sport, the surface fishing, the submarine photo and hunting and bathing in the sea. The areas for baths are very quiet, transparent waters with sandy bottoms. The biggest depth is 1, 8 meters.

For swimming, the calmness of Santa Lucia beaches and the absence of aggressive species complete a magnificent scenario to spend a good and relaxing time.

During the stay in this wonderful place, you could visit some attractions such as Sabinal key, staying in one of the best Hotels, Las Brisas which harmonically combines the architectural elements of Andalucía with the prevailing colonial ones of the territory of Camaguey and enjoy from the different options this wonderful resorts offers to the visitor.

The offer of the wonderful beaches of Santa Lucía of Cuba should not end without visiting Camaguey City, the capital of the province, also known as the City of Tinajones, one of the first villages founded by the Spanish conquistadors on the island, with the name of Santa  María del Puerto del Príncipe, which counts with Cuba’s biggest historical site . Camaguey is one of Cuba’s cities which perfectly keep characteristic architecture and urbanism from colonial times as well as its several churches which count with important religious funerary relics from the same period.

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